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Tapestry Family Services is a full-service foster family agency established to serve children with varying levels of need. The care of the children is provided in family homes by specially trained foster families. Tapestry Family Services is recruiting dedicated foster families from the local community who are interested in working with children with emotional challenges. If you are interested in learning more about being a foster parent, please see our page on Becoming a Foster Parent or email us at

Tapestry provides two levels of foster care: Treatment Foster Care and Intensive Treatment Foster Care.

Treatment Foster Care

Tapestry's Treatment Foster Care Program is for:

  • Children age 0-18;
  • Children with emotional and behavioral challenges common to children in foster care - grief, anger, developmental differences resulting from abuse and neglect. Children are referred to Tapestry Family Services from the County Department of Social Services and Mental Health.

Intensive Treatment Foster Care

Tapestry Family Services is the single agency in Mendocino County offering this level of foster care.

Tapestry's Intensive Treatment Foster Care Program is for:

  • Children between the ages of  8 and 12;
  • Children with challenges that put them at risk of placement in a group home;
  • Children who are in group homes and could re-enter a family setting with the help of Tapestry's services.

Children who are in the Intensive Treatment Foster Care Program Receive the Following Services:


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